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Absolute take the road ahead

October 3, 2010

‘The Road Ahead’ is to be held at the Don Carlos Resort & Spa, Marbella, Spain on 4th – 6th October 2010.

The RDO Conference is the only event for everyone involved in the European timeshare and fractional industries. It’s a great place to share ideas and work out ways for everyone to move forward for a successful and profitable future.

The event includes a highly focused two days of conference sessions and networking opportunities, as well as a golf tournament and social events.

Whatever your interest in the European timeshare and fractional industries, the 2010 RDO Conference gives you the best opportunity to learn, talk and share ideas with other industry professionals.

To help you make the right decisions for the future of your business, this year’s conference sessions will be sharply focused on the big issues affecting the industry. Over the course of two days, you will get invaluable insights into what the future holds and what strategies you will need to apply to stay successful.


Monday 4th October

13:00 – 18:00              RDO Golf Tournament

19.00 – 21.00              Welcome Reception and Registration

Tuesday 5th October

09:00 – 09:45              Morning Coffee, Registration and iZONE

10.00 – 11.45              Conference Sessions

11.45 – 12.15              Coffee Break and iZONE

12.15 – 14.30              Conference Sessions

14.30 – 15.30              Lunch

15.30 – 17.10              Conference Sessions

17.15 – 18.00              RDO Annual General Meeting

20:00 – 00.00              The Sunset Party

Wednesday 6th October

09:00 – 09:45              Morning Coffee, Registration and iZONE

10.00 – 11.45              Conference Sessions

11.45 – 12.15              Coffee Break and iZONE

12.15 – 14.30              Conference Sessions

14.30 – 15.30              Lunch

15.30 – 17.45              Conference Sessions

20:30 – 23.30              Gala Dinner

23:30 Onwards            The Legendary Generator Party

Conference Sessions

The past couple of years have been taken up with responding to European legislation and the economic crisis.  Today, with every industry facing new challenges, organisations throughout the world are under intense pressure to adapt to a radically changed business environment.

So what does the Road ahead hold for the timeshare and fractional industries? What strategies will you need to stay successful?  And what are RDO’s own plans for taking the industry forward? What can be learned from others? and what are your burning issues?

To help you make the right decisions for the future of your business, this year’s conference sessions will be sharply focused on answering these questions and more.  Over the course of two days, you will have the opportunity to spend time learning, talking, and sharing ideas about the European timeshare and fractional industries.

This year’s conference sessions include:

Business Sessions

Working with the Timeshare Directive – a practical guide

Changes to current models are inevitable but let this experienced panel of seasoned legal and lobbying veterans share with you their thoughts on how to cope with the new directive, what you should do and when and the panel will try to offer tips to help you to plan an effective transition. Topics will explore the main changes to be made and how to make the best use of existing materials and technology such as CDs, setting up and maintaining a compliance file, what happens to fractionals and points sales and what advantages can we take from this new and hopefully more level playing field. Moderated by Eugene Miskelly, Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels.

RDO Update

Hear first hand from the Chairman, Chief Executive and Council Chairman a round-up of RDO activities for the year and what is on the horizon for the trade association and the industry for the year ahead. Delegates will be encouraged to ask questions and take the opportunity to put forward their views on where the focus should be for 2011. Moderated by Ron Haylock, Christel House International.

Filling the Gaps

As more developers look to the rental market for additional revenue can a rental programme be integrated in to the sales and marketing strategy to provide income streams and potential timeshare purchasers? What are the challenges inherent in offering rentals to the mass market and how can this be reconciled with existing members and the sales teams?

Gloves Off

No holds barred just debate about any issues that delegates feel are important to them and the wider industry. There are no speakers or panelists for this session, just questions from the floor, so whether you are looking for advice, answers or just wish to make a point and see what others think, this session is no to be missed. Moderated by Robin Mills, Chairman Conference Working Group & Communications Council.

Selling the dream, a piece at a time

The Fractional industry is poised for tremendous growth on the back of a changing market which has seen the ending of the consumer’s love affair with whole ownership. Trophy acquisitions are replaced by the more fundamental drivers of spending time together in a world where time has become the most precious commodity of all and where the definition of ‘family’ is fundamentally changing. Find out how the Fractional developers are preparing themselves for selling to the new consumer and where the many opportunities lie for the future of ‘de-risked ownership of lifestyle real estate’.

Technology – What you don’t know is hurting you

Cost overruns and complete failures in technology are common in our industry – an un-admitted truth. This session focuses on the approach, processes, and technologies, that ensure success and money well spent. A focus on Return on Investment (ROI), red flags in the evaluation/decision processes, political potholes, & upcoming technologies that make real world sense. This session will be presented by Ryan Willams, Business Development Manager, TimeshareWare.

Should Timeshare be more transparent?

Moderated by Paul Mattimoe, CEO Perspective International this lively panel session will discuss the current hot topic of transparency within timeshare sales and marketing practices. The panelists will debate issues such as “should timeshare pricing still be kept secret until the end of face to face presentation?” or should “prices from £X,000″ be used in advertising to attract the more comparison orientated modern consumer? Similarly, if fractional ownership and timeshare are so similar, why are they marketed so differently? Would greater transparency help with consumer perception? Plus, in addition to the live views of the panelists, Perspective Magazine will be exclusively revealing results of a global trade and consumer study on the subject of transparency showing the opinions from different regions around the world.

The Road Ahead for Tourism in a European Recession

Professor Leo Jago Acting Director, The DeHaan Institute, (Nottingham University, UK), will share with delegates some key global tourism trends that will likely impact the European market over the coming years, whilst Europe is dealing with an economic crisis. Dr Jago was formerly the Deputy CEO and Director of Research for Australia’s National Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism (STCRC). He has published over 100 refereed articles and has attracted over $3 million in research grants.

Fractional Structures

A panel of leading Fractional experts from across Europe will reveal the structures that work and those that don’t. They will talk about exciting developments such as SIPP’s eligibility, which open up numerous opportunities for the market, including brand new sales channels. If you are already in the Fractional arena or thinking of converting to a fractional model – this is a must attend session. Moderated by Pete Jones, Partner Generator Systems.

Where is the next pot of gold?

This session will explore what are likely to be the new destinations for timeshare owners in the coming years, to throw out some ideas on where the next generation of buyers are coming from and what they are likely to be looking for. The panel will also be looking at whether the industry is developing the right products and providing the best service in a rapidly changing world. Moderated by Steve Pentland, CEO Generator Systems.

Social networks: where the most important conversations now take place

Facebook reaches 500 million active users – to put this into context, if it were a country it would be the third-biggest in the world. How can the industry tap into social media opportunities and engage Facebook and other social network users? And are you tweeting to raise your profile? Or posting material on YouTube or Flickr? This session will explore how to leave your ‘corporate’ attitude at the door and how to make the most the social media world. Our panelists will provide some useful hints and tips as to how to get going! Moderated by Jackie Murphy – Managing Director, Flagship Consulting

Redefining your product – What can we learn from the cruise industry?

Over the last ten years cruising has changed its image dramatically. Once seen as a product for a more senior and affluent age group, cruising is now seen as an affordable holiday experience by a variety of age groups and market segments. With their very heavy investments in new ships and brand positioning, can our industry follow and chart the same course? Jo Rzymowska, Associate Vice President & General Manager, UK & Ireland, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity & Azamara Club Cruises and Peter Shanks, President and Managing Director, Cunard Line, present a video report on their views. Moderated by Michael Myers – Group Director of Marketing and Travel, Interval International

Life Stories

‘Life Stories’ Speakers

Stuart Lamont Executive Chairman, Club Leisure Group, South Africa

Stuart Lamont an accountant turned property developer started his career in the timeshare industry in 1988. In 1994 he joined up with Tony Ridl and formed the Club Leisure Group. Under Stuart’s leadership the Club Leisure Group has grown to be the largest leisure management and vacation ownership organisation in Southern Africa and without doubt, the leader in its field. Stuart will share with delegates his story at RDO1.

Bryan Lunt – Chairman & CEO, Absolute World Group of Companies

Bryan Lunt started his career in the vacation ownership industry almost 26 years ago. In 1998, Bryan founded the Absolute World Group, strategically growing the company to become one of the leading lifestyle property developers, resorts and hotels operators, and vacation and fractional ownership pioneers, with more than1,300 staff positioned across China, Europe, Hong Kong, Russia and Thailand.

A vacation ownership organization up to 2007, Bryan’s vision led him to engage in the real estate and resort development marketplace, taking the Absolute Resort & Hotels property portfolio to over US$ 100 million and globally generate more than US$ 50 million revenue per year. Bryan led the Absolute World Group into boutique resort development and the uncharted territory of fractional ownership in Asia, personally selecting seven amazing projects, exclusively for location and investment potential.

The Absolute World Group and its subsidiaries, Absolute Resorts & Hotels, Absolute Developments, Absolute Real Estate, Absolute Fractional Ownership, Absolute Vacation Club, Absolute Finance Worldwide and Absolute Thai Lifestyle Magazine, has grown to become a market leading, award-winning, multi-million dollar global organization, attracting world renowned names such as The Registry Collection, Interval International and leading designer brands such as YOO, to enhance their resorts to an unprecedented level.

Now, as a world expert in shared ownership, the Absolute World Group is the founding sponsor of the successful Alternative Ownership Conference Asia Pacific ( This annual gathering of global mixed-use resort developers offers an excellent opportunity for knowledge sharing, networking as well as gaining knowledge and understanding on who’s doing what and how in the shared ownership industry.

Born in Liverpool, England in 1964, Bryan is the ultimate visionary who has driven the Absolute World Group to exponential growth. He is extremely health conscious and has implemented many companywide well-being policies, providing staff with alternative therapies and introducing Boot Camp exercise sessions. Bryan is based in Hong Kong with his young family, from where to continues to drive Absolute World Group to new heights.

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