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Navigating change

May 4, 2011

GNEX 2011 Schedule

Navigating Change is the theme of GNEX 2011 and each of the sections of our conference looks deeper into the issues to be addressed, changes to be (or not to be) made and new techniques required to adapt to meet the desires and demands of a more educated and more savvy consumer or more cost conscious and cautious client. We’ll hear from some of the most significant veterans and newcomers from North America and around the globe and discuss where the buyers are and how to get to them; how to strengthen the industry’s reputation and capitalize on every opportunity to grow your business, the value of strategic partnerships and which ones work best, where you should be building or buying your next resort and so much more!


07.30 18.00 Expo Hall Opening Times
07.30 08.30 Registration & Free Networking Time In Expo Hall
08.30 09.00
Opening Remarks


Minister of Tourism & Aviation, Bahamas Ministry of Tourism

The Hon. Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, Minister of Tourism and Aviation for the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, will open the conference by providing the Welcome Address to delegates and discussing the strategic growth opportunities available in the Bahamas. Inbound tourist stop-over arrivals were up nearly 5% in 2010, according to the latest available statistics, and Mr. Vanderpool-Wallace will encourage attendees to leverage this growth through development in the Bahamas.


09.00 09.30
The Changing Patterns In Consumer Purchasing


Founder and President of the American Affluence Research Center

Benefit from an incredible insight into the results from the Spring 2011 survey of affluent Americans. Defined as the wealthiest 10% of U.S. households Ron will deliver an analysis of their 12 month outlook for the economy, personal household income and their spending plans pertaining to vacation homes, domestic and international vacation travel. He will then also identify those who say they will seriously consider acquiring a time share, destination club membership, fractional unit in a private residence club, or whole ownership of a vacation home during the next 12 months giving us an indication of whether or not our industry is in recovery.

09.30 10.00
Diverse Portfolios & Products

Orlando Arroyo

Chairman, Sunset World Resorts

These days guests still want sun, sand and sea but it’s the extraordinary experiences that distinguish an incredible getaway from a hum drum holiday. This session looks at how Sunset World are adding diversity to their resort portfolio and what “little extras” they use to satisfy this new demand from their members. As one of Cancún’s founding personalities, Mr. Arroyo’s wealth of experience is invaluable for developers and resort managers looking for advice on how to succeed in the current economic climate. Far from slowing down Mr Arroyo continues to grow his portfolio of diverse resort developments from beach and marina to equestrian and eco. We will hear more about these and more upcoming projects.

10.00 10.30 Free Networking Time & Refreshments In Expo Hall


10.30 12.00
The Challenges We Face

No presentations, just straight talking for this diverse panel who along with the audience will debate the main issues facing the shared ownership industry today, from tackling consumer and media perception to potential weaknesses in the products we offer and much more besides.

Speakers (left to right):
Ross Perlmutter, President, Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA)
Robert Webb, Partner, Baker & Hostetler
Ramy Filo, CEO, Classic Holiday Group
Harry Taylor, Executive Chairman, Timeshare Association of Timeshare Owners Comittees(TATOC)
Bryan Lunt, Chairman & CEO, Absolute World Group of Companies
Jason Tremblay, Founder & CEO, Sell My Timeshare NOW

12.00 13.00
Snap Out Of It!


Founder of Entelechy Training and Development

An expert in improving staff performance, Jim Madrid will deliver a vibrant and powerful presentation that is very much in tune with our theme of “Navigating Change”. “The times we are living in today are not challenging. It is a time of great change. For those that do not change times like this become challenging” says Madrid as he tells us to ‘Snap Out Of It!’

13.00 14.00 Lunch


14.00 15.15
What Makes A Successful Fractional Development?

The world renowned Dr. Richard Ragatz will lead with a quick overview of the latest statistics from the Fractional Real Estate marketplace before moderating a distinguished panel of industry professionals and directing questions on topics relating to key aspects of success in the fractional arena, from choosing a suitable location, to club structure and marketing.

Speakers (left to right):
Dr. Richard Ragatz, President, Ragatz Associates
Stanley Goodman, President, Windermere House Resort
Tom Goetschius, President & CEO, Tom Goetschius Associates
Bryan Lunt, Chairman & CEO, Absolute World Group of Companies

15.15 16.00
The Benefits Of A Mixed Use Enviroment

With some fantastic mixed use projects already in place by major hospitality brands and a rise in interest from hoteliers and resort / real estate developers wanting to add a fractional or shared ownership component into an existing project, we look more closely at the wealth of benefits of a mixed use environment – will it become the norm in the future?

Speakers (left to right):
Dr. Richard Ragatz, President, Ragatz Associates
David Shaklee, Vice President, Residential Development, Fairmont, Raffles Hotels International
Jamie Klein, President, The Lore Institute
Lisa Migani, Business Development Director, Europe, Middle East & Asia, First National Trustee Company (FNTC)

16.00 17.00
How & Why The Exchange Business Is Evolving

It’s not just timeshare and fractional ‘ownership’ models that are changing to adapt to consumer demand, it’s many of the associated products also and none more so than the glue that binds the industry together – the exchange companies. So this session brings together representatives of the world’s three largest exchange companies to discuss their observations of changes in the industry and how they are expanding and adapting their services to continue pushing the industry forward.

Speakers (left to right):
Eugenio Macouzet, SVP & Managing Director, Caribbean, RCI
Francis Taylor, CEO, Dial An Exchange
Bryan Ten Broek, SVP Resort Sales & Business Development, Interval International

17.15 19.00 Speed Networking or Free Networking Time & Refreshments In Expo Hall
19.30 21.30 Networking Party


07.30 17.00 Expo Hall Opening Times
07.30 08.20 Free Networking Time & Refreshments in Expo Hall
08.20 08.30 Opening Remarks


08.30 09.15
What Works In The Caribbean?

Find out how companies in The Caribbean attract domestic and international guests to drive the success of their businesses. What sales and marketing techniques work best and what amenities and services have consumers coming back time and time again.

Speakers (left to right):
Ryan Blicher, Vice President, The Resort Capital Group
Leslie Bethal, President & Founder, NOTARC Management Group

09.15 10.15
Increasing Revenue & Decreasing Marketing Costs

Is there a way out of escalating marketing costs and diminishing profits? How could we better utilize the tools we already have? These are questions that may be more simple to answer than you might think and this session explores some options available to developers and the benefits they deliver.

Speakers (left to right):
Steve Reich, Senior Vice President, LeisureLink
Martin Kandel, EVP Global Business Development & Operations, International Cruise & Excursions (ICE)
Michael Laws, CEO, Connex UK & Ireland
Frank Shellabear, President, CSA Travel Protection


10.15 10.45


Chairman, President & CEO of Interval Leisure Group

Craig M. Nash, chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Interval Leisure Group, is one of the most respected and knowledgeable professionals in shared ownership today. He will offer his unique insights on the global industry that he has seen transform during his 30-plus years in the business and provide his perspectives on what we might expect next.

10.45 11.30 Free Networking Time & Refreshments In Expo Hall


11.30 12.45
Enhancing Brand Reputation

Brand Reputation is now more important than ever to the more cautious and tech savvy consumer. From creative PR and stand-out marketing collateral to how you conduct yourself online and creating memorable corporate identities; this session is bursting with creativity, hints, tips and solutions to building a better brand and increasing your bottom line.

Speakers (left to right):
Steve Tassler, Vice President Interactive Marketing, Aerios Direct
Erika Garcia, CEO, Yucatan Holidays
Tim Foster, Founder & CEO, Resort Television
plus more to follow…

12.45 14.00 Lunch


14.00 14.45
Emerging Markets

Looking ahead, we discuss where the next new hotspots will be for the latest shared ownership properties and why and hear from those already at the forefront within these emerging markets.

Speakers (left to right):
Peter Hutchinson, Group Chairman, Citadel Trustees
Gregg Anderson, Vice President & Global Managing Director, Registry Collection

14.45 15.30
Open Forum Q&A
15.30 15.45 Conference Round-Up
15.45 16.30 Free Networking Time & Refreshments In Expo Hall
19.00 20.00 Cocktail Reception / VIP Cocktail Reception
20.00 00.00 Perspective Magazine Awards Gala Dinner

This schedule is still being compiled and is subject to change at any time without prior notice.

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