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Phang Nga Bay Conservancy – The Bay CleanUp

October 5, 2011

Phang Nga Bay Conservancy was a natural development for International Business Association of Phuket to consider. In many ways all members of IBAP are connected to Phang Nga Bay, some directly as tour and diving businesses, and others indirectly as beach visitors with family and friends.

Stewardship is a word that needs to be an understanding, for all those living around and operating within Phang Nga Bay. And stewardship is education, life style and involvement, and that is a place where we can get involved.

We all know Phang Nga Bay is being stressed with excessively destructive toursim and pressures from the surrounding communities. There is a general decline in fish populations, living reefs and general water quality.

The mission is to serve as a sort of clearing house for projects needing resouces, and resources needing projects, the latest of which is on Saturday October 15th – The Bay CleanUp


To facilitate in the clean up of the sea, beaches and mangroves in Phang Nga Bay, with a view to holding the event on a regular basis. This is essential to maintain a clean environment and a future for our children. IBAP will stand as the focal point for the project, attracting the right people to the project and arranging for support and sponsorships.

By encouraging participation from both adults and children, we will not only create an awareness of the pollution issues that we face but also ensure that the next generations also appreciate the importance of behaving in an environmentally responsible way. Each bay clean-up will be run in a manner that both educates and entertains volunteers, with the emphasis on having fun. Teaching youngsters that you can be “green” whilst also having a good time is an important message.


Dwarf Sperm Whale stomach containing plastic bags, died in Phang Nga Bay

The most valuable image that will come from this exercise will be the mountain of rubbish stacked on the pier next to a crowd of very proud volunteers. A new understanding should ensure that many more step forward offering increased support for further events and achievement of the ultimate goal of supporting sustainability in – The obvious benefit is the removal of rubbish from the sea, the beaches and the mangroves and improving the the region. environment we all rely on for our livelihood

  • The obvious benefit is the removal of trash from the sea, the beaches and the mangroves and improving the the region’s environment we all rely on for our livelihood.
  • Mixing of cultures through exposing Thai and non-Thai participants with remote Muslim village people.
  • Providing a financial injection into local Muslim villages’ economies through employment as guides.
  • Education and awareness for everyone on the importance of environmental and habitat stewardship, especially vital for the young children inhabiting Phuket and the surrounding provinces.
  • Local historical and nature awareness for participants through presentations by knowledgeable guides.


IBAP (Board & Members) Through IBAP’s business relationships in Phuket and the various community projects involving many of the schools on the island, IBAP has the presence to propel the Phang Nga Bay clean-up to new heights. All members of the association have a vested interest in maintaining a clean environment and will be ready to support in any way they can.

John Gray’s Sea Canoe (Canoes & Guides) John and his crew already have experience in organising previous Phang Nga Bay clean-ups on an annual basis and always endeavour to collect whatever rubbish they find on their daily canoe tours of the sea caves in the bay. Bags collected by the Caveman number in their 1,000’s.

Local businesses (Finance, Boats, People) There will be numerous ways for local businesses to get involved. Finance will be required through sponsorship, but supplying manpower and boats will be equally critical. A wide selection of potential sponsors will be approached, with those water based companies or Phang Nga Bay resorts hopefully offering support that equals their vested interest.

Media supporters (Public Exposure) The event will need to be well covered by various media’s to maximise the exposure of the event. By doing so, the educational message will spread further and also the added value for sponsors is obvious. IBAP is already very closely linked with various high exposure media companies in Phuket and national coverage may be entirely possible. The Phuket News have already confirmed their commitment to this and we invite all others.

Schools & Universities (Education, Environmental Awareness & Stewardship)


We are informed that the rental price of a large boat for a full day is 12,000 baht

  • The boat accommodates up to 35-40 individuals (larger boats are available)
  • Departing from Ao Po pier approximately between 12pm – 1pm depending on the tides
  • Cruise to various islands in Phang-Nga Bay, which will take about 1 to 1.5 hours
  • Meet with local Muslim village people that are knowledgeable about local littered beaches and mangrove forests, and that will also serve as guides. One guide per sea canoe plus 1 adult and 1 child.
  • Collect plastic/Styrofoam/trash for 2 – 3 hours

The Sea kayaks cost 1,000 baht per day and can carry 2 passengers + a guide. So each boat should carry 13-14 kayaks to accommodate the 35-40 people.

Aside from the larger boats transporting people to areas where they can use the canoes to get to remote mangrove areas, small high speed boats will be useful for taking groups to various beach spots throughout the day. A full day’s rental for a longtail will be in the region of 6,500 baht

  • Accommodating 6-8 individuals
  • Same as above but possible to visit slightly more distant islands

An after service activity is planned for all those participating, at a cost of 500 Baht per person.

  • Tour 2 sea caves (up to 4 depending on tides)
  • Join in seafood B-B-Q
  • Make & float symbolic krathongs

All boats are to return to Ao Po Pier by 8:30 PM when all rubbish bags will be counted and piled in a large heap for media coverage.


The Thai Diving Association (TDA) – Marine Scout Environment Course
The Marine Scout Environment Course is a 1 day course devised for school students to :

    • Providing knowledge on Marine Biology and Marine Environmental
    • Stimulating Awareness on prevention and conservation of the underwater world and the marine environment
    • Basic knowledge on snorkeling and Scuba diving includes equipments

The course covers:

    • Natural Resources and Environment
    • How to use and conserve Natural Resources with awareness and sustainability
    • Diving/Swimming with safety and knowledge
    • Learning about underwater life and avoiding destruction using the Marine Scout Environment booklet

The costs of the course is as follows:

  • Travel and Staffing Costs within Phuket Province – Free of Charge
  • Travel and Staffing Costs – Petrol Costs dependent on distance travelled
  • Marine Scout Environment Handbooks for each student – 150 Baht per book

The Evason Resort & Spa Eco Life Trail

Everyone, not just schoolchildren, can have the opportunity to follow the Evason Phuket Eco Trail. Awarded for its Responsible Tourism approach, this one and half hour tour shows the simple but very effective ways to recycle waste. From the herb and vegetable garden, waste water treatment, recycling corner toAssociation Phuket the chipping machine, composting facility and nursery.

Costs of the tour only involve transport to and from The Evason Resort & Spa, in Rawai, Phuket.

Sponsors Onboard

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