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The Russians are coming

November 8, 2011

Local publishing house Image Asia is launching the first independant road map in Russian for Phuket. An initial print run of 10,000 is targeting the islands fastest growing tourism demographic, and the map will roll out by the end of the year.

The Map of Phuket is a map with enough accurate detail for a Phuket home buyer to locate the most hard-to-find developments and properties. The Phuket Island map shows geographical and topographical features of the island and homes, property developments, real estate agents and resources for people considering buying property on Phuket. A handy and helpful map of Phuket’s properties and services, the Map of Phuket is also an indispensible aid to people looking for a vacation rental home on Phuket and for resources in Phuket – information on housing supplies, home decor, furniture, emergency services and more.

The MAP of Phuket features:

  • Enough detail to get you to some of the Phuket’s most
    hard-to-find places
  • Large size maps of Kata, Karon, Patong & Phuket City
  • Lots of landmarks and other useful Phuket information

Updated every two months!

The Map of Phuket has enough accurate detail for anyone to find their way around the island without getting lost!

Uniquely, this Phuket map is bang up-to-date. With our expertise in maps and navigation, not to mention our passion for maps slavish attention to detail, we check and update something every single issue.

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