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Investment Watch: Thailand tops October as investors turn to apartments

November 24, 2011

Forget Spain, France, Florida and the other usual suspects of overseas property, this time it was the turn of Thailand to take the top spot in‘s monthly Investment Watch.

Set in an affluent, picturesque Thai Village in the Gulf of Thailand, Absolute Signature Villas at Palm Grove Jomtien represents a seamless blend of East meets West.

The report, which charts the level of interest in the overseas property portal’s listings, saw a condo in Pattaya attract the most enquiries In October. What was it about the luxury Thailand apartments that triggered such a torrent of attention?

The popularity of Pattaya’s property may seem surprising after Thailand’s extensive flooding, but investors were attracted to the resort a matter of days before the tragic event took place. The demand for the coastal condos, located 600 metres from the beach, actually foreshadowed industry predictions, as Colliers International Thailand suggested that the water-damaged homes would lead to a rise in interest in condominiums.

Indeed, apartments attracted the most attention from investors in October, accounting for 6 out of the 10 most popular properties on the site. Closely following Thailand’s condos were flats in Cumbria and new apartments in Spain, but each were driven by different investment needs.

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