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Investors Are Returning To Thailand

November 30, 2011

Foreign buyers are returning to the Thailand real estate market after the political scene had calmed. According to a recent statement from the Managing Director of property consultant Colliers International Thailand, Mr Patima Jeerapaet, foreign investors are interested in taking over hotels in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. This is due to the strong performance in hotel occupancy rates. 

Increasing tourist arrivals to Thailand have contributed to the rise in hotel occupancy levels in Thailand. Tourists from South Korea, China, India, Australia and the Middle East are behind the boom. Mr Patima had said that investors from the Middle East, India, Russia and China are looking at Thailand, while the Russians are particularly interested in property in Phuket and Pattaya.

Why are Russians Investing?
Russia is currently enjoying somewhat of a boom with growth expected to increase by 5 per cent by the end of 2011 and inflation dropping to 6 per cent. This contributes healthily towards many Russian companies enjoying big growths in capital paving the way for a buoyant business environment.

There is also currently low unemployment in Russia with many Russians experiencing a welcome increase in salary; this in turn is leading to increased sales in the retail markets, making for a very healthy economy and an increase in the middle classes.

Pattaya has always been popular amongst Russian visitors as a tourist destination and its popularity was not affected by the recent economic downturn with new developments continuing to emerge throughout the city. Pattaya has the added benefit of being only 160km from Bangkok which appeals to Russians who do much of their business in the capital city of Thailand and can then escape to Pattaya for a few days of rest and recuperation.

Russians are attracted to Phuket because it has such a relaxed and laid back lifestyle, many of them also buy a boat here as there are so many wonderful islands around Phuket to explore. The most popular time for them to visit is between October and April when the weather and climate is at its best in Phuket, a stark contrast to the climate in Russia.

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