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About Us

The Absolute World Group is Asia’s leading lifestyle property developer, lifestyle vacation club and hotels and resorts organisation with offices around the world

Absolute Developments are committed to building further on our strong foundations and existing partnerships with other leading brands to deliver world-class resort destinations from concept to completion – and beyond.

With amazing new beach and spa resorts scheduled to be opened at any one time, Absolute Developments guarantees the perfect holiday experience from our portfolio of exclusive luxury villas and our global network of boutique resorts.

Quality, service and value for money are central to our core beliefs, so our private residence luxury resorts, boutique style hotels, private pool villas or high-end urban multi-story condominiums will always deliver the ultimate vacation.

Absolute Developments is the partner of choice for those who refuse to compromise on quality, style, value and choice.

Central Absolute Developments’ growth has been the establishment of strategic partnerships with other leaders in the leisure property development industry such as Yoo and The Registry Collection. Together, these businesses have emerged to become leading brands in some of the most sought after resort destinations in the world.

Regardless of the type of property constructed, whether it’s a small boutique hotel, a large multi-storey condominium or simply a prime piece of land, Absolute Developments continues to maintain a strong focus and commitment to the design, quality and style in all of its developments.

Absolute Developments defines what it means to enjoy luxury properties in a paradise location.

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